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The PillowSak®

​Founded in 2022, PillowSak® is an innovative travel accessory and protective cover designed for people of all ages who like to bring their personal pillow on overnight adventures.

Packing a pillow is far from simple. In fact, it can lead to some logistical challenges and embarrassing situations — something our founder Deborah McIncrow discovered first-hand when checking into a luxury hotel. In the minutes from her car to the check-in desk, Debby’s pillow had gotten wet from the rain, dropped on the lobby floor and was judged for its cartoon pillowcase by other guests and hotel staff.

PillowSak® solves all of these problems! A 100% cotton canvas bag, PillowSak® offers a stylish way to carry your favorite pillow with an adjustable strap for shoulder or crossbody use and a convenient suitcase sleeve for secure transport.


The travel accessory you didn’t know you needed — PillowSak® provides pillow privacy and protection from dirt, leading to a great night sleep on a clean pillow.


Rest assured.

Best sellers

I like my PillowSak because it is comfortable to carry either on my shoulder or crossbody. It is easy to store and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The fabric/design is pretty. I have taken my PillowSak for overnight stays at my favorite daughter’s house, short and long term travel. 10 out of 10


Parkersburg, WV

We like our PillowSak because it keeps our pillow clean. It’s easy and convenient to use.
We like the patterns too. Our PillowSaks have been all over the State of NC and GA, SC,

Jamie & Alecia

Gastonia, NC

The PillowSak is a cute and convenient way to store my pillow. It has super cute
patterns and is easy to clean. I’ve taken my PillowSak with me to the beach, Knoxville,
Raleigh and every time I go home from college.


Charlotte, NC

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